Best Valentines Day Gift Idea That Won’t Break Your Bank plus a List of DIY Gifts Under $10


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Giving gifts for centuries has been an expression of affection and love. The best gifts are the ones given with sincerity, which shows how you care for your special someone.

Based on the recent study conducted by the National Retail Federation (NRF), Valentines Day tradition has been changing compared to a decade ago. Only a few choose to plan for a special Valentines Day celebration and most choose to either buy a gift for their love ones or treat  themselves to something special. Though only a few celebrate Valentine’s Day, many are spending more. On average, one spends more than $100 dollars for presents like flowers, chocolates, jewelry and other fancy items.

You might be tempted to shop from those glittery displays when you pass by some shops or those branded offerings in a glossy magazine. However, that does not mean you have to go buy the most expensive gift to show how much you care.

If you are practicing mindfulness on your spending, finding the best gift that will fit your budget can be tricky. Remember beautiful people, love is not measured in dollars, and expressing your love does not mean breaking your bank.

Those $100 dollars can be added to your savings or to cutting down your debt faster. Your creativity will always be your best friend, and putting an effort on your gift shows more sincerity than the number of dollars a gift can cost. Here are some of the best gift ideas that I can’t believe I haven’t tried before.

Traditional Valentine Gift Ideas

Nothing beats the old traditional Valentines gift that most generations love, other than flowers and chocolates, here are some gifts you might want to consider if you have the budget set to spend.

Valentines Day Gifts for Him and Her

1. Card

The simplest gift you can give is a card with your heartfelt greeting. If you don’t have a budget to spend on gifts, then pick out a card or be creative and make your own. It practically cost you almost nothing and gives you the opportunity to personalize your gift.

2. Timeless Watch

I always make it a rule that if I will spend money or splurge on a purchase, it will only be on items that are timeless which means, they are quality products that I am sure would last for years and can possibly be handed down to my children.

If there is one thing that I know both men and women appreciate is a good simple timeless watch. If you have the budget for a pricier gift, then you might want to consider giving your man or woman a watch.

3. Favorite Dessert

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And this holds true to women too. There is nothing more appealing than men who can cook. So whip up some dessert and start cooking.

Try this Oreo Cheesecake Truffles, they are divinely delicious gift idea for those who has a sweet tooth.

4. Book

Books that has a romantic theme can be a perfect gift for Valentines day. Hardcover books and paperbacks can be found at your local thrift shops or get an e-book or an audiobook and send it as a gift to your special someone. You can always find something that will suit their taste.

You can even find fun books like What I Love About Us Fill in The Love JournalFill it with some of your meaningful memories of your special someone. It will be a great fun gift for him/ her to read.

Our Gratitude Journal is by far my favorite gift. It is a perfect journal for couples. You can write down your affirmations every week. It is a nice way to keep a journal about your relationship and look back on what you have been through and accomplished throughout the year.

5. Jewelry

Both men and women have chosen jewelry as the best Valentine Day gift they have received in a a recent survey. It can be due to the monetary value of a jewelry that we percieve it as valuable and much more since it was a gift.

Buying an expensive jewelry pieces can be taken as an interpretation of how strong or valuable you are to the other person.

Looking at it in another way, spending $1000 on one piece of jewelry could have been a romantic getaway for two that both of you can enjoy.

The happiness you can find in an object will not measure up to the happiness and memories you will be able to create when you invest on a memorable experience.

However, if you really love jewelries and would love them as a gift, try looking at alternative options than spending hundreds of dollars.

Try out vintage jewelry which you can find in antique stores, pawnshops or second-hand shops. You might want to check handmade or customized jewelry. Customized jewelry is made out of beads, glass or semi-precious stones that are fashionable but does not cost much.

6. Spa Treatments

Balancing household, work and social responsibilities can be hectic and can be alot stress to anyone. It is time to pamper yourself and treat yourself and your sweetheart a spa day. You can find alot of discounted spa packages online or just do it at home.

You can put together a spa treatment kit and set the mode in your home. I have been into natural and organic treatments lately. The spa gift basket from Pure is a must try. It has a clean relaxing smell you can enjoy at the comfort of your home.

Ideas to Make His and Her Valentines Day Special

1. Dinner date at home.

Make your favorite meal and serve it at home with flowers, candles and wine. You don’t have to splurge on a 5-star restaurant to feel special. A simple meal will do even without the fancy wine or flowers. You will be surprised how dim lights and candles can change a room into a romantic haven in an instant.

2. Spa Night

A relaxing bath, a foot soak or a back rub can be stress relieving. It is also an opportunity to catch up and enjoy each other for a day.

3. Movie Night

One thing I enjoy the most on Valentine’s Day is our usual routine, the plain old movie night. We usually have nachos and salsa instead of the good old popcorn. Nothing special but we just enjoy the night and relax. The time spen and being in each other’s company is what truly matters to make any day special.

4. Game Night

A couple’s game night is one of the perfect way to spend the Valentine’s day to unwind with your partner and your friends. It can be a fun date to celebrate Valentine’s together with other couples especially if you are looking into spending Valentines in a different way. If you have been together for a few years, then you will know what I mean. Change and new memories through different experience is also good in a relationship.

Party game ideas with a romantic twist will be fun. Card games has always been a favorite activity on game nights.

One of the most popular ones is Cards Against Humanity. Keeping up with the most ridiculous answers for the most random questions. You can be clever or just downright disgusting with your choice of answers on the card at hand.

DIY Valentine Gift Ideas that Are Less than $10

If you want to make a creative gift idea, then check out this DIY projects pefect for Valentines.

52 Things I Love About You

Checkout this lovely gift idea by Nicole on Visual Heart. Create your own stack of cards using her printable template. If you love arts and crafts, you might have all the materials already. All you need are the following:

  • Playing cards
  • Mod Podge
  • Binder rings
  • Hole Puncher
  • Scissors

DIY Valentine Logs

Candlelights always makes the atmosphere warm and cozy. Checkout this DIY Valentine Log holder. If you love wood like I do, you might wan to try this out.

What you will need will be the following:

  • Dry log
  • Saw
  • Drill bit
  • Paint
  • Knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Tealight candles

Glowing Photo Luminaries

If you want something with a personalized touch, checkout this Glowing Photo Luminaries. Aren’t they just awesome!

You will need the following to make this amazing gift.

  • Photos
  • Glass container or mason jars
  • Candle holder
  • Vellum paper
  • Double-sided tape or washi tape
  • Tea lights

DIY Love Mug

This sweet simple DIY Love Mug will make your coffee sweater every morning. All you need to create this gift idea are the following:

  • White porcelain or Ceramic Mug
  • Red and Black Paint Pens

Valentine Mason Jar Gift

Chocolate sweetness is always one of the best gifts on Valentines Day. Full of sweet goodness of any chocolate your heart desires right to the brim, try out this lovely Valentine Mason Jar from The Happier Home Maker

You will need the following to make this lovely gift idea:

  • Mason Jar
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Red acrylic paint
  • Heart stencil
  • Red ribbon
  • Chocolate of choice

I created a similar DIY project as a giveaway for our wedding filled with Gummy Bears, and it was a hit.

And this lovely flowers are one of my favorite Valentines gift.

Nothing beats a gift that has a personal touch. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to make a day special. Just some creativity and great ideas will help you make someone feel loved.

What was your favorite gift from Valentine’s?

Do you have a great idea on what to give this this year?



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