21 Quick and Easy Casserole Recipes


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Need to keep your dinner weeknights hassle free? Here are 21 quick and easy casserole recipes to try for that busy day dinner

Making dinner every night after a long day from work or school can be tough at times. A casserole is a popular and convenient one-pot dish that you can simply whip up in no time. Here is a round-up of my absolute quick and easy “go to” casserole recipes that you need to try.

Why do you need to try casserole dishes?

One of the constant struggle I have when meal planning is figuring out what dishes to make for the week. I love hearty warm dinners which is why I make it a point to cook dinners at home. Cooking and eating dinner at home is one of the best way to save money and make sure that you are eating healthy throughout the week. 

I am a full-time student and works part time, so being able to make time to cook meals can be a challenge. Throughout the years I learned that casseroles are the easiest to make especially when you are on a budget. The great thing about casseroles is that you can make them in batches. You can portion them and freeze them which cuts down your dinner preparations in half. 

Meal planning does not have to be complicated. Let’s be honest, who want’s to eat the same thing for several days? I love trying new recipes which is why I love food blogs. These recipes are the ones I have tried and tested and I am sure you wil too. 

These casseroles are the staple in our household. It is a combination of Italian, Swedish, Danish and Asian cuisine. I usually rotate them based on what ingredients I have at home. Setting up a day (usually on Saturdays) to plan out the meals and what we will need for the week helps me plan out and organize my weeks so I can focus more on studying and working. Since most this dishes can be two days worth of dinner, I usually pick 3 – 4 dishes for a week then put together a shopping list. 

I hope you guys find these recipes interestingly tasty as I did. Which one do you want to try cook for dinner tonight?



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