To Buy or Not To Buy

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It has always been due to convenience that I would choose to buy than make something. Every day when I was working in the corporate world, it became a habit to grab a cup of coffee from the nearest coffee shop during break time. 

Looking back now when I am starting to look over my finances, to figure out where all that hard earned money went, It finally dawned on me how much money is being wasted. But then when I try to backtrack my expenses I realize that food and clothes are my absolute big spenders especially when I go out and hang out with friends. I drastically calculated my expenses and one these is the morning coffee. A cup usually cost 12 kroner. That will be about 4320 kroner for 360 days.. that is about 81% of my allowance as a student. That realization became a motivating factor for me to track my spendings and have a better control of my finances. I realized that 4320 kroner can easily be an additional money that could grow my savings. But here’s the catch, habits die hard and determination wavers if you don’t have a conviction to follow through. Deciding to cut spendings does not work if you don’t change your mindset. With the case of my coffee, I choosed to look at it as paying myself instead of a cup of coffee. 

From then on, I made it a point to include in my morning routine to set aside a few mins to prepare my own coffee to take to work or school. I have invested in a really good coffee mug that can easily keep my coffee warm for a good few hours. The university where I’m going to luckily has a kitchenette in every floor with all the amenities of a water heater, sink, and microwave. I love both freshly roasted coffee and instant coffee. So I make myself a freshly brewed coffee from home and bring it to school (Having a warm mug of coffee at 6 am on a 2-hour train journey is one of the life pleasures I totally enjoy!) 

On days where I need to rush out the door, I always have instant coffee with me if in case I have classes the whole day and need a wake me up after lunch. Remember, convenience is a value that has a corresponding dollar value to it. The question is are you willing to spend that much for convenience or would u rather pay yourself that money first. After you worked hard to earn every one of those dollars or kroner in my case. Start by keeping track of your expenses no matter how small they are. Then try thinking of the alternative ways you can do instead of buying. 

To buy or not to buy! that is the question… 

Do you have a buying dilemma? I would really love to hear yours too. Send us your story or comment down below.




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