Work From Home: 11 Business Ideas You Can Start Today!


Have you ever thought of starting your own business so you can work from home? 

You probably had your share of ups and downs and been trying to find a sustainable work from home jobs. If you are looking forward to starting something new or finding a new career that you can easily start at home today, then you found the right place! With the technology today, it is the best time to start your future business and work from home. 

Home business ideas are probably the most popular work option for the new millennials today. Being able to work from home provides as much benefits as working from an office. The flexibility of having a control of your time and the possibilities to scale up to turn it into your own business is very promising.

Being self-employed is not a walk in the park. It requires hard work and perseverance.

Therefore, if you have the right mindset and is willing to do the hustle, then you surely can do it!

Why did I consider to work from home?

A few years ago, I happily started my first job. It was not my dream job but the idea of being a full pledge wage earner felt great. The years of studying, term papers, exams and living on noodles are finally over!

At first, the excitement of being part of the working crowd gave me a sense of accomplishment. Team huddles, projects, client meetings and just dealing with the everyday work routine was a welcome feeling of being productive.

I realized that though the job was sustainable, it was just another task. Being someone who always tries to put my best foot forward, I tend to always make sure that I deliver the best performance and maintain an impressive work ethics.

You see, I came from a culture that if you work hard and stick to making sure you maintain a great performance, you surely would progress in your chosen career or so we're told…

No motivation and burnout

Work-life balance flew out of the window early on. It was quite normal to be at the office for at least 10 hours every day. Health was the least priority. Do or die, you need to show up at your desk even you have to crawl to get there. No excuses or else you should just start updating your resume.

At first, motivation went down big time. Then you start to daydream of finding another job and always looking forward to holidays. Sunday nights are your least favorite, as you know Monday morning is forthcoming. Eventually, waking up and dragging yourself to work seems like an ardous task knowing that tomorrow won't be any better.

At some point, productivity goes down and soon burnout takes over. Burnout though has not been medically diagnosed as an illness. You can read more about burnout here. Though there are no definite diagnoses for burnout, common symptoms are exhaustion and there is always that feeling of constant stress and anxiety that you get from your job. Even the most mundane task of getting to work then going home makes you miserable and resent your job more and more.

Are you ready to work from home?

After much taught I started to find options and other ways to earn an income. The idea of having more control over your life and taking a job that you love was really appealing. I wanted to start something new to take away that nagging feeling of demotivation. That was 2010 and work at home or online jobs were still not widely popular. I scoured all the online job boards I could find and sent out hundreds of applications and proposal.

My first online project was from a client setting up an e-commerce store. The client needed someone to put together the products and upload it into his store. From that one project, I started getting other offers to do different administrative tasks. Later on, as I built my portfolio, I started getting more offers to manage larger projects that allowed me to eventually quit my job and worked from home full-time.

Identify your skills and type of job you want to do

Are you good at marketing or have coding experience?

What are you good at?

Think of the tasks that you have done or the creative skills that you have. Which one did you enjoy and love working with?

Start by asking this questions and define if it is possible to monetize them. Next, do some research online for businesses in similar fields and get to know how they started and what products or services they offer. Research on ways to start it at home. Do you have the resources to start it today? What do you need in order to start it?

Focus on that then break down the steps and actions you need in order to start to work from home.  Reach out to your friends, family, and everyone else in your social network. You will also find few companies that are open to remote jobs if it matches the skills that you can offer.  You just need to start with networking and finding the right people to help you build a portfolio and recommendations to find more clients.

Once you have an idea in mind, start building up your portfolio and take action.

Create your portfolio and do some reasearch

My goal was to be able to work online from home. My first step was to search for freelance jobs on online job boards. I was targeting to find simple data entry jobs and small projects that I can do on the side while still working on my full-time job.

It took a month before I landed my first online gig but it was well worth it. All it takes is a little creativity and a strong belief in yourself that you can do it. Eventually, you will find a job that you can do from home that best fits your skills, and most importantly you will enjoy doing it. Starting will never be easy. You have to be very disciplined to manage your time wisely if you want to sustain in working from home.

Allocate some time to start the wheels running

How many hours can you allocate to work on a portfolio and research on jobs that you want to do? You probably want to stick on your current job while starting out as there is no guarantee how fast you can find that dream job. What is important is you have to take action now and get the wheels running. Start by researching based on the skills you have and the type of jobs you want to do. Start to put together a portfolio and come up with a strategy on how you intend to reach out to your potential clients.

Set your expectations and earning goals

How much do you expect to be paid and what are your earning goals? It is important to set expectations before you start finding jobs and sending proposals. Knowing your worth and the current paying rate for the skills you want to offer to your clients will have a big impact when you negotiate with your clients.

Be realistic and set expectations on how and what you can do. Make sure to set your earning goals. How much do you need to be able to make it a full-time job? By setting goals and expectations, it will be easier to evaluate if working from home is the right job for you.

The benefits of being your own boss are you can choose your priorities. Starting out definitely requires a lot of work, but once you establish your business and have a system in place, you will have more flexibility to work at your own pace dependent on your goals.

Here are 10 Work from Home Business Ideas you can start today!


Personal or Virtual Assistant

The rise of startups and entrepreneurs started the demand for personal or virtual assistants on which administrative and routine tasks are outsourced to freelance or home-based workers on a contractual basis. You can start to buy checking job search sites and listings such as, or You can also create a LinkedIn profile, start connecting with your network, get recommendations, and start drafting your proposals.



Do you have an eye for great photos? If you have a good camera and a flair for taking great pictures, then why not start a photography business. You will have to be technically creative to stand out on your photography style and network with your social circle to land gigs and referrals to establish your portfolio. You can also sell your photos online and get royalties from each creative photo you take.



One of the most popular businesses to start is blogging. Depending on your skills and niche market you choose, you can easily monetize them through different ways such as affiliate marketing or through selling your own products. It has never been easier to set up your own site and make your own digital products. If you need help on how to start a blog, you can find a detailed guide here.


 E-Commerce (E-bay or Amazon)

Another great business idea is setting up an online store. You can start by selling checking your local market and look for sellable items. You can start by posting your products on Facebook Marketplace or set up your own e-commerce store on E-bay or Amazon. Start out with small items that are accessible to you. Although this is a crowded market if, you have a great product idea that could sell then this could be a good business to start. Start scouring your area with products that you can easily market and start making profits.



If you are good with words and loves to write, then you might want to consider being a freelance writer. There is a high demand for technical and copywriters. You might also want to consider writing your own book and sell it online. You can self-publish your book and sell it directly either in digital or paper formats.


Event Planning or Styling

If you have an eye for detail and a creative mind, then you might want to consider being an event planner or styling. Start by hosting events for your friends and family then ask for recommendations to their network. Make sure to keep contacts and ask for feedbacks or testimonials in order to build your professional portfolio.


Teach English

One of the most in-demand teaching jobs online is teaching English. With the boom in Asian countries, there is also an increase of English lessons, which is mostly done through virtual classrooms. So if you love teaching, then why not teach English. Online English class providers such as VIP Kids.


Personal Trainer

If you have the passion for fitness and helping people to stay fit, you might want to consider becoming a personal trainer. You can set up a fitness program and start your own personal training business.


Laundry Service

Most businesses spring out from needs, which are considered mundane tasks such as laundry. You can offer home pickups and delivery for wash and dry services and progressively invest in equipment as your customer base increases.


Bed and Breakfast

If you have a property that is located within close proximity of a great local destination site, why not offer a bed and breakfast to travelers and tourist. You can list your property on Airbnb and earn some cash from that extra room in your house.


Hair and Makeup Services

If you have the experience and eye for makeup and styling, then providing hair and makeup services can be a lucrative business you can start. You might need vocational or professional training to start with and then invest in good quality products and tools to offer with your services.

These are just some ideas you might want to consider in starting a business. There are thousands of business ideas and opportunities out there. In this digital age, it is the best time to start your own business and market it to your potential customers.

However, working from home does not thrive with just an idea alone. It comes with great effort, willpower, discipline, and perseverance to succeed. The best trick is to find something you love and good at then build from it. As Mark Twain says, in context,

If you love what you are doing, then you will never have to work a day in your life.

You can be your own boss and have more control of your life.


Which business idea do you love the most?